MADISON METROPOLITAN SCHOOL DISTRIC Bilingual Special Education Assistant in MADISON, Wisconsin

JOB REQUIREMENTS: 4100003411 Under the supervision of a building principal and under the direction of a special education teacher/related services staff, a bilingual special education assistant will perform highly specialized work with students who have disabilities. The job duties will include: a) instruction and support to students in inclusive school and community settings; b) assistance to the teaching staff; (c) the implementation of positive behavioral supports in alignment with student IEP goals, and d) assistance with records and recordkeeping. Bilingual Special Education Assistants may be assigned to support students at the preschool level through grade 12. Bilingual Special Education Assistants provide instructional support and reinforcement to students in academic, behavioral, social-emotional, and functional areas across school, community and vocational settings. Implement curriculum across inclusive and self-contained environments, under the direction and guidance of a teacher and/or related services staff. Implement positive behavioral supports across inclusive and self-contained environments, under the direction and guidance of a teacher and/or related services staff. Transfers, apply adaptive devices, tube feedings, diapering, and provide bathroom assistance and mobility training. Consistently use proper hygiene practices as prescribed by MMSD health policies. Maintain student confidentiality, including written records. Assist with coordination and communication activities with other staff to provide feedback regarding student performance. Assist with data collection activities (reviewing and documenting student progress both academic and behavior, etc.) Assist with monitoring and implementing positive behavior strategies in dealing with student behavior, physical restraint/management, implement safe space procedure and behavior intervention plans. Provide supervision during lunch, recess, playground, hallways and field trips. Communicate to student's IEP team relative to ongoing progress toward goals and objectives. Participate in on-the-job training and district level trainings. Assist with loading and unloading school buses. Tape record books. Assist with preparation of instructional materials under a teacher's direction. Maintain records. Maintain a daily schedule with direction from case manager. Other related duties as assigned. Equal Opportunity Employer ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Ability to provide individual and small group instructional reinforcement. Ability to work independently with students in school, community, vocational, and domestic situations under the direction of a teacher. Ability to keep accurate student data. Ability to work with physically aggressive students. Ability to work with students who are nonverbal and who do not have intelligible speech. Ability to follow teacher direction, written plans, individual education programs, and behavior intervention plans. Ability to communicate effectively with diverse students, staff and community, orally and in writing. Ability to maintain student confidentiality. Ability to walk, lift (up to 50 lbs.) climb, bend, reach, and kneel within the context of performing job duties. Ability to learn and use basic computer skills (e-mail, internet, word processing). Ability to follow directions from school nurse concerning health, safety, and medical procedures. Ability to follow directions from occupational and physical therapists concerning positioning, feeding, bathrooming, etc. Ability to consistently use proper hygiene practices as prescribed by MMSD health policies. Desire to work with students with multiple handicaps including cognitive disabilities. Ability to monitor and deal with aggressive student behavior. Ability to help student develop positive social skills. Ability to follow through with behavior management programs for students. ***** APPLICATION I STRUCTIONS: Apply Online: