NJ Employer LPN-Weekends in PLEASANTVILLE, New Jersey

LPN opportunities throughout AT and surrounding countiesFT and Part-time positions available.Performs physical examination of residents such as taking/recording temperature, pulse, respiration, blood pressure, height and weight, and collection of specimen for lab analysis.Completes specialized resident care and treatment such as Foley catheter care, tube feedings and care of feeding sites, insulin injections, tracheostomy care, colostomy care, douches, enemas, and application of dressing and binders, etc.Administers treatments and medications under physician orders.Provides whatever assistance is required by residents to assure adequate standards of healthcare, medications administration, personal hygiene, proper nutrition, overall care, community involvement, participation in preferred activities, etc.Completes household duties/chores, cooking, escorting and assisting clients for doctor's appointments, escorting clients on community activities.Charts resident care and treatment measures, including documentation at least once per shift on the nursing notes for each resident