Rosecrance Aspen Coordinator in Rockford, Illinois

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Perform and provide a level of comfort with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation services. Provide continuity of program services in an ethical, legal and moral manner within a safe and therapeutic environment, consistent with applicable regulatory and accreditation standards. Participate as a team member in the delivery of treatment services to patients and their families and facilitate the issues of recovery into their daily living situations.

1.Work prescribed hours and be available to work additional hours when necessary.

2.Ability to perform a hands on medical procedure to up to six patients a day

3.Ability to schedule, greet, case manage, and follow-up with an ongoing case load of TMS Clients

4.Present a "therapeutic" personality and social skill-set to help patients feel comfortable, at-ease, and confident with their care

5.Ability to communicate and relate to many types of professionals (Physicians, Nurses, Therapists, Family) regarding the care being given and patients response to treatment

6.Ability to operate the TMS instrument and its hardware and software

7.Ability to present to public audiences regarding the TMS treatment

8.Ability to train others in the procedure

9.Ability to negotiate and advocate for patients to their insurance companies for reimbursement for TMS

10.Serve as a member of the ClinicalTeam and participate in all team meetings and activities.

11.Understand and comply with all of the principles established by the Rosecrance Corporate Compliance Program and Code of Ethics.

12.Deliver exceptional customer service consistently to every customer.

13.Serve as a role model for other staff, patients and customers and demonstrate positive guest relations in representing Rosecrance.

14.Assume other related responsibilities as assigned by management.