Rosecrance Health Service Specialist in Rockford, Illinois

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Directly supervise addicted patients. Provide continuity of program services in an ethical, legal, and moral manner within a safe and therapeutic environment, consistent with applicable regulatory and accreditation standards.

1.Work hours prescribed by Nursing Manager and be available to work additional hours when necessary. Overtime may be required.

2.Assist with patient admissions and discharges as directed.

3.Verify admissions medications at admission with patient's physician or pharmacy.

4.Conduct patient health history/assessment and report to nurse prior to admission.

5.Transcribe orders.

6.Assist with vital signs assessments.

7.Assist with withdrawal screens as directed by the nurse.

8.Provide follow up communication to patients with ongoing medical concerns.

9.May participate in patient rounds on the Unit(s) assigned.

10.Monitor and document patient's response to medication and report any notable response immediately.

11.Act as an advocate for all patients and report all physical/psychological concerns to the medical and clinical staff.

12.Supervise and manage the behavior of the patients and provide appropriate behavioral interventions and consequences.

13.Facilitate communication between clinical and medical staff.

14.Assist with unit tech responsibilities as directed.

15.Provide patient education in individual and group settings on topics including: medications, physical health, mental health and alcohol and substance abuse issues.

16.Document patient's progress in the individualized Medical Treatment Plan for designated patients.

17.Schedule patient follow up medical appointments and coordinate transportation if necessary to outside providers.

18.Read all logs and obtain pertinent information from staff of previous shifts, counselors, staff, etc.

19.Assist with preparing patients for medical consultation.

20.Document pertinent information daily in the ESR based on observations and involvement with the patients as required.

21.Transport patients as required.

22.Serve as a member of the Health Services team and participate in all team meetings and activities.

23.Attend all scheduled meetings of staff, such as nursing meetings, department meetings, or appropriate committee meetings as designated.

24.Oversee and maintain the neatness/cleanliness of the unit and the proper use of the equipment and supplies and to inform the proper person when supplies or repairs are indicated.