JOB SUMMARY: Evaluate/assess/monitor the specialized nutrition therapy of patients, provide nutritional counseling for patients and their families, and provide expertise as part of the interdisciplinary medical team resulting in optimal nutrition care.


  1. AssessmentAssess patient nutrition needs within age specific and scope of care guidelines within the continuum of care and assess staff/intern performance.Evaluate patient’s nutritional status/assess appropriateness of current nutritional care/determine needs of various age groups of patients; and initiate steps to make changes as needed according to assessment results.Conduct interviews of job applicants and assist in prospective employee selection. Evaluate competencies of dietetic intern performance.Evaluate potential and current patient compliance/understanding. Evaluate job performance of self and peers.Analyze menus for nutrition/cost/variety.Determine the nutrition educational needs of the community population at large.

  2. CommunicationCommunicate effectively within age specific guidelines with patients, hospital staff, and the community at large both written and verbally.Plan, implement, and follow up nutritional care of individual patients. Participate in development, implementation, and monitoring of nutrition care policies.Be an active part of total patient care-- hospital wide commitment by being on inter-department committees, specialization committees, and a liaison between medical staff and patients. Conduct patient interviews to determine degree of nutritional risk and develop adequate nutritional care plan. Provide the community at large with accurate nutritional information through written and verbal communication (media, newspaper, hospital publications)Guide AD's, QT's, and kitchen staff in nutritional care activities: screening, nutritional analysis, counselingUtilize communication skills effectively with hospital staff and community at large.

  3. TeachingTeach patients, hospital staff, students, and the community at large through written and/ or verbal contact and the self through research and continuing education.Develop curriculums and written materials for education.Provide nutritional counseling, individual and group, for patients, patient's families, and out patients. Counseling is to be adjusted according to patients age, patients medical condition (pregnant/lactating women, surgical, mental, visual, hearing impairment, etc.); patients social needs (ethic, financial, etc.). Collaborate with physicians, nursing, and pharmacy on counseling patients on food/drug interactions. Develop and periodically revise educational counseling materials for all areas of nutrition. Develop class curriculums for educating hospital staff, physicians, and community at large about nutrition topics.Conduct classes on nutrition to educate the hospital staff and community at large. Provide educational instruction to dietetic interns. Provide continuing education opportunities to hospital staff as needed. Instruct and train new employees. Conduct research on pertinent topics.

  4. DocumentationDocument patient contact, assessments, recommendations, and charges in the medical record and/or computer. Document professional credentials and evaluations of peer and intern performance.Document all patient care activities in patient's medical record, department records, and/ or computer.Document peer and intern performance.Provide and maintain accurate records and reports. Document social accountability

  5. CoordinationCoordinate work time, meetings, CQIs, projects, policies/procedures, formularies, and menus with appropriate hospital staff and/or the community at large.Develop and revise department policy and proceduresIdentify, analyze, and investigate ways to improve patient meal service and /or formulary through audits (CQI) meal rounds, taste tests, product review, and menu revision. Be active part of total patient careCollaborate nutritional services with other medical staff and/or community at large for effective patient nutritional care. Utilize and maintain effective time management skills.

  6. MarketingMarket clinical dietetics through wellness screenings, article writing, media/physician/customer interaction, projects, workshops, and seminars.Coordinate and participate in community activities and screenings. Provide nutritional information to physicians, hospital staff, media, and community at large to promote clinical dietetics.Develop and implement projects that promote the department and nutrition in general.Be a resource person on one or more specializations for physicians, hospital staff, peers, students, and the public.



Education: College degree which meets the American Dietetic Association Plan IV or Plan V requirements for registration eligibility. Completion of program for ADA registration eligibility. Must be registered with the American Dietetic Association and current with continuing education hours or must be eligible for registration. Licensed Dietitian in the state of Arkansas. Member of the American Dietetic Association.

Experience: Three years in general clinical practice or 2 years in specialization (nutrition support, renal, etc.) experience preferred.

Physical Requirements: This job requires, at various times, the following physical activities; climbing, stooping, crouching, reaching, standing, carrying, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting, finger dexterity, talking, and hearing, sometimes exerting in excess of 10-50 pounds of force.

The worker is required to have close visual acuity to perform daily activities.

The worker is subject to inside environmental conditions, hazards (including electrical currents and exposure to chemicals), and infectious diseases.

Skills: Excellent communication skills (oral & written). Able to deal effectively with hospital staff and a variety of people. Ability to organize workload and meet time frames dictated by position. Ability to work independently within a self managed team-oriented environment. Computer skills.

Job Professional Clinical/Allied Health


Daily Schedule PRN

Scheduled Hours per 2-week Pay Period 0

Weekends Required Occasional

Req ID: 2018-R0153818